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Contracting Grain

Hemp is a small acreage,contract crop. Obtain a production contract before growing the crop. Hemp is an oilseed that will deteriorate in storage fairly quickly. Processors prefer new grain and will take grain that has been in storage for up to two years. After that period, hemp begins to lose its fresh taste and will often be rancid.

Hemp is not a cash flow crop. Processors take the crop over a period of time so it may stay in storage on the farm for a good portion of the year.

Processors require the grain to be cleaned to their specifications. Delivery schedules are managed by the contracting companies. Routinely processors will have about a year and a half supply contracted to allow for expanding markets, poor crops, etc.

To maximize transportation, processors generally accept delivery in Super B Truck loads.

The CHTA has members that are active grain contractors. Check the CHTA website for a list of grain contractors.