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Specific Combine Trouble Shooting - By Make

John Deere Rotary


  • Initial settings – cylinder 530 rpm, concave setting at 6, air 750 rpm, top sieve 18, bottom sieve 6
  • Use cylinder at the slower speed on the high speed setting.
  • As crop gets dryer, slow rotor and open concave.
  • Shield drive shaft going from planetary
  • Put a pan over the grate on the discharge beater. Speed up the beater – double the speed. Specialty discharge beater – remove, or run at a higher speed.
  • Bolt belting on the discharge beater lugs to eliminate wrapping on the shaft and bearings on the beater. Do the same on the front accelerator.
  • Use the wide wire concave. Do it by pulling every second wire in the concave. This will result is less plugging.
  • Bypass the chopper
  • Regularly check the top and bottom rotor bearings for wrapping.

Video John Deere Combine harvesting Hemp

Video John Deere Combining Hemp

Case IH


  • Cylinder 600 rpm
  • Concave setting 14
  • Sieve same as wheat, close front one slightly
  • Wind – check sample increase if too much plant material and trash is in the hopper.
  • Regularly check the top and bottom rotor bearings for wrapping.

Video Case IH 7230 Combining Hemp

Video Case IH combine harvesting hemp


  • Sieves setting 13 and 7, set fan like canola 1000 rpm
  • Concave as wide as possible. Start at setting 20. Tighten concave before speeding up the cylinder.
  • Set cylinder at 450 to 700 rpm.
  • Every year is different.

New Holland

  • Some New Holland models have a rear beater similar to the John Deere. Some have spikes on this beater to help discharge the straw. It is suggested to remove these spikes as the hemp straw will wind around the beater under some conditions.