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Plant Tissue Analysis

Crop nutritional status can also be assessed by plant tissue analyses.

This will supplement, but not replace, soil testing. Tissue analysis measures the nutrient content of the above ground plant parts during growth at a specific time during the growing season. Tissue testing is suitable for diagnosing crop problems that may be nutritionally related, including any nutrients that may be limiting yields. Plant analysis (top new growth of the hemp plant) can determine if the fertilizer rate and method of application were adequate to meet crop needs. The timing of tissue testing and results received may be too late to correct deficiencies in the current crop. Tissue testing methods for hemp are similar to other crops. You need to be aware that there are currently no “expected” or range of values for nutrients at certain growth stages in hemp. The closest crop comparison would be canola. 

Be sure the lab you are sending the sample to for analysis is licensed by Health Canada to receive hemp and analyze the sample.