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The Hemp Production eGuide

The hemp sector continues to grow and the CHTA recognizes the need to provide Canadian farmers with hemp production and research information.  The knowledge of the agronomic factors that can influence production is held by a few experts in Canada.  They have come together to share their information in a concise, factual approach complete with photos and videos.  

This eGuide is designed to support experienced producers to capture greater benefit based on the collective knowledge and experience of industrial hemp production.  It is not intended to teach people how to farm but to provide experience producers with specific hemp related production and marketing information that they can use as a tool to integrate hemp into their typical cropping rotation. 

Agronomic research in the field of hemp production is in its infancy.

The research information presented in this eGuide is based on the experiences of researchers, producers and industry. As research continues in the industry the information collected will be added to this eGuide.