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Certified Seed

Planting certified hemp seed is a requirement of the Health Canada license to ensure purity of varieties. This is to ensure THC levels are remaining under the prescribed level of less than 0.3%.The use of last year’s seed or “bin run” seed is not allowed.  

Seed production in Canada is administered by the Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA). Refer to their website for further information.

Producers must keep their certified seed tags for audit purposes.

Health Canada can, at any time, request visual inspection of the tags.

CSGA Certified Seed Tag

Hemp varieties are reviewed and added to a list of approved varieties by Health Canada. This list ensures the varieties are low in THC content. The variety is then monitored by Health Canada over a number of years and sites.  If the variety continues to have low THC content, Health Canada will put the variety on a “List of Approved Cultivars (LOAC)” that do not require annual THC testing.

It is the producer’s responsibility to know whether or not the variety chosen for planting is on the LOAC.  Check the Health Canada website for the LOAC.