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Media Release - Call for Cultivars 2021

Communications  | Published on 3/26/2021

National Hemp Variety Field Trials

Call for Cultivars

March 24 2021
Calgary, Alberta

Plant breeders, seed companies, and members of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) are invited to nominate industrial hemp cultivars for inclusion in CHTA's 2021 National Hemp Variety Field Trials program. Cultivars listed on Health Canada's List of Approved Cultivars (LOAC) and legal research cultivars are eligible for nomination to the program. 
"In-field research provides information to ensure innovation and industry competitiveness," says Ted Haney – President and CEO for the Calgary-based Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA). "With the assistance of Diverse Field Crop Cluster funding, the CHTA administers this program on behalf of the Canadian hemp industry."
"The 2021 National Hemp Variety Field Trials will provide an objective evaluation of hemp varieties at 14 sites across Canada. This annual testing program provides data to compare hemp genetics in a neutral forum, including seed and fibre production, plus select cannabinoid information on nominated cultivars. Plant breeders and seed companies also have access to an option to collect data to support the Form 300 application for a variety of eligibility registration with the Canadian Seed Growers' Association. This data can also be used in the application for Health Canada's LOAC review. With the program's consistent protocols, the site-relevant information provides a fair comparison on several traits that assist with seed development and planting decisions," reports Haney.
"The 2020 Field Trial Report includes data on 14 hemp varieties (13 LOAC and 1 Research) tested in 11 locations. This year we are looking to add more varieties at 14 locations, up to 175 insertions (site x cultivar combinations). Participating seed companies can select the sites they want and appreciate that qualified researchers review all data for relevancy prior to inclusion in the final report. Sites from last year will be participating, plus three additional sites that indicated interest and have been vetted," explains Haney. 

The National Hemp Variety Field Trials program participation fees are: $700/LOAC cultivar/site and $1,000/Research cultivar/site. Payment is required at the time of final cultivar selection and prior to seed distribution.

Expressions of interest for the National Hemp Variety Field Trials Program and completed Cultivar Registration Forms should be forwarded no later than April 15, 2021, to: 
James Frey
Principal Investigator 
National Hemp Variety Field Trials Program 
The CHTA is a national organization that champions a diverse and robust Canadian hemp industry that benefits all stakeholders along the value chain. Established in 2003, the Alliance membership includes farmers, processors, equipment suppliers, consumer product suppliers, consultants, researchers, students, industry associations, and government. CHTA's services and programs include stakeholder communication and consultation, domestic and international market development, research coordination, standards development, and policy and regulatory advocacy.
"Continual genetic progress and identifying variety characteristics is important to Canada's hemp industry. Quantifying variety differences within a science-based program provides valuable data for seed companies and farmers," concludes Haney.  


For More Information Contact: 
Norman Leach 
Marketing and Communications 
Cell: 403 -620-4037